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Your favorite lyrics from any song


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^you listen to Enya too!!! :dance:


okay, here's mine:




Anywhere Is

I walk to the horizon

and there I find another...


...I look up to the heavens

but night has clouded over

no spark of constellation

no Vela no Orion


Pax Deorum

Omnem crede diem tibi diluxisse supremum

(=Believe that each day which breaks is your last)


Marble Halls - actually, I love the whole lyric of this song

and with vows no maiden's heart could withstand,

they pledged their faith to me.


Cursum Perficio

Verbum sapienti:

quo plus habent,

eo plus cupiunt.

(=A word to the wise:

the more [people] have,

the more they want.)




Amy Winehouse


Wake Up Alone

Got so sick of crying, so just lately

When I catch myself I do a 180


What Is It 'bout Men

Emulate all the shit my mother hated

I can't help but demostrate my Freudian fate


Some Unholy War

He still stands in spite of what his scars say

I'll battle till this bitter finale


Love Is A Losing Game

Though I'm rather blind

Love is a fate resigned

Memories mar my mind

Love is a fate resigned


Over futile odds

And laughed at by the gods

And now the final frame

Love is a losing game


Just Friends

But the guilt will kill you

If she don't first


Winehouse' lyrics are just sneaky and smart, she has the gift of diction and rhymes.


I'll list more later

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ooohhh, so many. here a couple for now...


"Kiss me, please kiss me... kiss me out of desire baby, not consolation

Oh, and it makes me so angry 'cause I know in time, I'll only make you cry..."

Last Goodbye by Jeff Buckley


"I don't believe you're leaving because me and Charles Manson like the same ice cream... I think it's that... girl. And I think there're pieces of me you've never seen... maybe she's just pieces of me you've never seen..."

Tear in Your Hand- Tori Amos

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Well, let's see...


Pink Floyd :


"Soon after dark, Emily cries

Gazing through trees in sorrow

Hardly a sound, till tomorrow."


"On a trip to Cirrus Minor

Saw a crater in the Sun

A Thousand miles of moonlight later"


All lyrics from The Dark Side Of The Moon


Wish You Were Here


The Thin Ice


The Fletcher Memorial Home


High Hopes



Radiohead :


"You float like a feather in a beautiful world."


"Such a pretty house

And such a pretty garden

No alarms and no surprises

Let me outta here"


"One day, I'm gonna grow wings

A chemical reaction

Hysterical and useles"


"I'm sorry for us

The dinosaurs roam the earth

The sky turns green

Where I end and you begin."


"Jumped in a river, what did I see ?

Black-eyed angels swam with me

A moon full of stars and astral cars

And all the figures I used to see

All my lovers were there with me

All my past and futures

And we all went to heaven in a little row boat

There was nothing to fear

Nothing to doubt."


"I'll follow you to the end

Of the world

And fall off."


"Jigsaw falling into place

Then there is nothing to explain

Regard each other as you pass

She looks back, you look back

Not just once, not just twice."



The Mars Volta :




"Mark these words

One day this chalk outline will circle this city

Was he robbed of the asphalt

That cushioned his face ?

A room-coloured charlatan hid in the safe

Stalk the ground."


"A mass of gallon sloth/They're gonna get you

As flies have walls for feet

A rapturous verbatim/You better fight back

Someone said, but who'se to know ?

And when you find the fringe/They won't let you

The one last hit that spent you

You'll find the ossuary/You'll never find out

Spilling by the day/Yeah"


"Who brought me here ?

Forsaken, deprived and wrought with fear

Who turned it off ?

The last thing I remember now...

Who brought me here ?"





"Please don't break my ideals

Say what's fake was always real

I was the one, you're on your own

Take me back again"


"I can't remember when it was good

Moments of happiness elude

Maybe I just misunderstood

All of the love we left behind

Watching the flashbacks intertwine

Memories I will never find."


"Look through a faithless eye

Are you afraid to die ?

Cause it scares the hell out of me

And the end is all I can see."


And so on, especially French rap that won't interest anyone...

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