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Who here plays the drums, if you do write wat coldplay songs u can do(this topic has probably been done countless times sorry)

i can do tonnes, cant remember all of them, but my ones i am proud of are fix you, talk, shiver, dont panic, yellow( all pretty easy bar shiver, but such good songs!!)

i can play most but they are my favs to play along to.


atb lloyd

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alright lloyd ! fellow drummer here. i play a lot of Coldplay too, mainly coz i have the pleasure of playing in a Coldplay tribute band :) You're right about some of them being easy (fix you, yellow, scientist, gpasuyf, politik etc) and agree re: shiver being one of the more challenging ones too. i've found talk needs a lot of concentration too, probably coz i'm just learning it at the mo though. my faves to play are clocks, speed of sound and politik. shiver is good as well though, a great song and plenty of good rhythms and sections to play.


do you play in a band at all ?


atb wayne

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tlak is awesome, ive changed it a little thouhg sounds a bit betetr imo(cocky i know)


instead of x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

snare . . . .

bass . . . . . . . .


do you get what i mean?

probably hard to understand but basically instead of just two bass drums on the 16th hi hat notes on the 3 and 'e' of 3 ( if you work by 3-e-and-er, or it would be ta-fa-ti-fi), ive put a bass on three and in between the 'e' and 'and'

get me?

try it, i prefer it

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I'm a drummer! :D


I get kinda bored playing Coldplay though... I usually play along to faster, metalic type stuff... Shiver is fun though. :) And Square one is quite fun too... :)


And... I can play every Coldplay song--I think most of you can also, heh.


^and if you were trying to tab that beat, put code tags around it so it lines up right.







C |C---------------|----------------|C---------------|----------------|


S |----x--g--x-x---|-x--x--x--x-x-x-|----x--g--x-x---|-x--x--x--x-x-x-|

B |x--x--g-g-------|---x----x-------|x--x--g-g-------|---x----x-------|



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I really want to learn the drums. You don't have to be able to play other instruments do you? You can just be a bad ass drummer can't you? Guitar looks tooo hard lol. Not that drums are easy, but I'd probably be better at them, it looks so hard adjusting fingers etc, you know what I mean, I'm sure drums must be hard too, I aint being nasty or anything lol.

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^i've got a few but i don't know where they are....


i can do some on request. :)


^^drums aren't hard. it just takes a while to build up endurance and speed--oh yeah, and coordination. Coordination is a *very* big thing, lol.


try moving all four of your limbs right now with each of them doing something different


not too easy, eh? :P

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Drums are pretty easy to pick up if you have good natural rhythm and coordination like alyssa said. I'm self taught. But I also have a friend who plays drums who didn't have great rhythm before. But he took lessons for years and practiced a ton and now he's great. It kinda depends on how much work you want to put in it, but I think anybody can play.


Oh yeah, and I can play every Coldplay song I'm pretty sure. I like playing In My Place and Daylight. I think those are my favorite to play. I love changing stuff up sometimes too. What I usually do is just stick headphones in my laptop and play it as loud as i can go. That usually evens out the sound of the ridiculously loud drums.

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