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concert in the Fix you video


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Thank's the answers for everybody. :)

Bart, you are a big fluker in truth. :P

Do somebody go to concert recently? :wink3:

Have a nice day! :)


Last monday in Oslo i touched Chris Martin right before fix you started!

Now i can’t remember a damn shit! It was just like a "blackout" :stunned: :P

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I was at Bolton on the 5th of July :)


It was a great night - with twice the 'Fix You' value! I loved the fireworks - I was in the stands, and I could see this enormous cloud of smoke that came from the firworks getting closer and closer... and then it covered us, and we couldn't see for a little bit. :lol:


I liked it after they sang it for the first time, then Chris asked if it would be ok for them to do it again - was anyone going to say no?! :D

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