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New member from France!!


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Hey Everyone!!

So i'm a brand new Coldplay fan (yup yup another one...)!!

I guess i should introduce myself:

I'm a 17 years old girl,living in marseille (france), i listen to coldplay since june (uhmuhm...shame on me i know, but it's always better latter than never right!!)...ever since i'm a huge fan,their music is what my soul would say if it could speak ^^!


I'm sorry for my poor english (i'm a french so you can blame me lol!!)


I also have a lots of interests, in music i like Maroon 5, Keane,Linkin Park,Black eyed peas,etc etc.....i kinda like everything so the list would be long...

I love cinema too! LOTR and Star wars mostly ;)

I love books (yay yay Harry Potter! lol)

I love mangas and Japan....

I'm very open minded so i hope we will have great conversations ^^!!

Anyway (hope i haven't bored you with this monologue) see you on the topics!!

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Howdie! I'm Heather and I'm new too.


Anyone know how long they recognize you as a member and your status starts to change?


Hey Heather! ... it takes about 20-30 posts to become a 'member' according to your status then your status changes as you get more and more posts ... but the more posts you get the longer it takes you to reach the next status ;) :D .. hope that helps you :D

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