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Are you ready to ROCK?!!


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:D :D


What upcoming concerts are you going to?


The next one I have planned is David Gray, with Turin Brakes opening, in August. I like DG, but I looove TB! Olly and Gale are fab!




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ah man... right now nothing. i could go see Pedro the Lion tonight, but i don't really have any money. then Pearl Jam is coming in a couple months (and were just here last week) but Pearl Jam isn't worth 40-50 bucks. i missed bright eyes last week too... jesus. oh well, i got to see the flaming lips again, so as far as i'm concerned, i never need to go to another concert again, because nothing will ever beat that.

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are you ready to rock???.... we have somenthing speciall for ou tonight is called ..........( somenthing rock) ..... that reminds me Queen...........


I have nothing, absoluty nothing...........


wait...... is not rocking but I'm going to Macbeth...... Verdi's Opera......... I think it's fantastic, but is not rocking [again]( is the clossest to a conxcert here anyway)

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David Gray with Turin Brakes opening? :shock: What a great gig - have a fantastic time!!! :D


Oh, I definitely will! :D


One problem, though. The concert is going to be at an outdoor venue at the beginning of August in Austin, TX. At that time of year the high temperature regularly hits at or above 100 degrees F (38 degrees C). And I'm talking thick, humid, oppressive heat. When the concert starts in the evening the temp will have only droppped into the 90's. I know the last time David Gray came to Austin he played at the same place, so I guess he likes it - but it was earlier in the year. Why, oh why, couldn't they have chosen an indoor venue? :?

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lm sure you'll still have fun though :)


Hehe, the bands and the audience will all be sweaty and sticky together! :D


Just keep the water coming and I'll be fine. I won't let anything ruin this concert for me!

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