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Hi everyone!!!

I’m thinking about going to V-Festival in Staffordshire and I’m really really lost...

I’m from Spain and I don’t know anything about english festivals and this one, specially.

I have a friend who lives in Rotherham (really close from Sheffield) and I’d like go there on holidays. I’ve seen in a map that Stafforshire is near Sheffield and I’m totally happy if I can go there to see Coldplay on Sunday 17th.

But I have a lot of questions and I’m feeling lost. How and where I can get the one day-ticket? I suppose that I can buy it on line. But can I buy it also calling to any phone from Spain? I’ve never bought anything on the net, so how I receive the ticket? And is it a sure purchase?

And what exactly is Weston Park? Is near any town? The gigs end very late, so if you don’t have ticket camping, what can you do? Can you go to anywhere to sleep? Or do you stand there until next morning to go?

And what about the transport? Can you go there on train or bus? Is there any station near?

Have anyone of you been in V-festival in previous editions? I know it’s a really big festival, where great bands have played in. But does it has a good organization? Is it a good festival to go?

I don’t know if it’s worth going there, although the fact of seeing Coldplay live again is so so so so so attractive... I’m feeling lost about all the stuff. I was in Benicassim Festival twice, here in Spain, but going to a foreign festival, where you don’t know anything, is really different... Mmm, I’m so insecure...

And, another important thing: maybe I must go alone!!! Are there anyone here who also goes alone? I don’t like the fact of going alone there... It’s so great sharing a Coldplay gig with some fan else... Does nobody organize some meeting with another boards users or something like that? Do you think I can meet someone from here to go there?

I’m sure I’ll have more questions but I don’t remember now...

I’ll be very grateful for all your suggestions and answers. Thanks a lot in advance for your help.

Please, post it here or send me a private message if you prefer to e-mail me.



Best wishes from Barcelona

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Hi everyone!!

Thanks a lot for your help and replies. At the moment I think everything is ready... I'm going to get the tickets on-line and my friend, who lives in Rotherham, will come with me to the gig. So, she'll get all the info about the location and that stuff...

Sooooo, let's go to Westooooooon....!!!!!! :D I can't wait until August!!!!

Any of you are going to the festival? I hope it will be amazing... Mmmmh, the idea of seeing Coldplay in England is like a dream for me...

Thanks for your help, guys...


PD: musiclover, I've also sent you a reply to your PM

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Afterglow, you're still on time!!

There are one-day tickets available on the web. Yesterday, I booked three for Weston Park.

Come on, cheer up!! I'm sure it will be totally a-ma-zing!!

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