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Solution to too many posts on the general forum


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Welcome, ladies and gents, dunno if this belongs here or on the Feedback. Ironic (You'll read why in a mo).


It seems less chronic today for some reason but the amount of posts that dont belong in this forum is pretty funny, but theres so many posts in the General forum nowadays its beginning to get annoying. Cant you put the right topic in the right forum?


30 more days left (Until I see Coldplay)-Coldplay forum

Coldplay Merchandise- Coldplay forum

There There- Other music

Are DVD's compatible with... -Not here (Movies or something)

Youre All Fucking Idiots- Coldplay forum or at least Other Music (I actually put this into the proper forum I was instructed to put it into by Message Board Gods but SOMEHOW- and this is pretty ridiculous- someone moved it from the right forum, to the, say it with me, wrong forum)


You get my point, maybe if we posted things into the right forum or if Busybeeurns or the other moderators bothered to move them to the right forum we'd have a cleaner General forum to read.

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