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Ok I went to new members but ...


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I got bored cos all the talking seems to be happening here!


The thing i'd like to do is ask for peoples oppinions on some CD art i'm creating for my coldplay (bsides, acoustic, unreleased etc) compilation album i'm making for my self, the front cover of which can be found here and the back cover, here .


If there's anybody particularly arty out there i'd love some critical feed back.


Other than all that, "hello"!


NB i posted more or less the exact same thing in the new members forum, but no one responded. mods feel free to delete this if it's thread wastage

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hey, sorry i've been out at the pub all night, glad u guys love my work, i have a bit of free time soon, so if any body really wants something like that doing, then feel just send me sum kinda request cos i enjoy doing it. btw i advise making acopy of that CD it's amasing.

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A small update


for those of you out there who use cd labels ,


here is an image you can stick in a template program such as Surething Cd labeler and print out a label for your CD.


If you don't have sticky CD labels, print out using a template on normal paper, cut out carefully, and use a glue stick to attach it. If you're careful this can look just as good.


hope you all like this :)


also, most of the MP3's are available on Justspies

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gorgeousssss!!! you are so gorgeeeouuss
you're like mad about this boy :D

i really like the backcover aswell!!! And which type of letters is it cp always uses??? btw i'm Christine - WELCOME!! *you needed a 'hello' although you dont like it*

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