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talking to myself here but who cares. :laugh4:



So I saw them in Karlsruhe on Saturday.

Wow, in a way the best concert I've ever been to.

They're so so great live, I can't find words. :bomb: :awesome:


Setlist here:




Controlling Crowds was a great opener.

Although I'm sad they didn't play Fuck you or Lights or Veins or Again it was still awesome.

I so need to see them again!!

Had a nice chat with Smiley, the drummer afterwards and he signed my setlist. :)


I was already listening to them a lot before but now it's even worse. :lol:

Can't wait to watch the DVD with proper speakers.

At the moment you can stream it here btw:


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I'm listening to them again now. It's been sooooo long. :nice:

Again and Words on signs are such haunting and beautiful songs. They must be amazing live.

Wow Fuck You fucks with your ears when you listen to it with earphones !

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Salut Alice!!


Well, they really ARE amazing live! :awesome:

If you can you should try to see them.

I'm still so in love with this band. My colleague is complaining all the time that it's all so depressing etc but I just think it's pure beauty.


Do you know the last two albums?

This is my current favourite:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6nbFZtxAL4]YouTube - Bullets[/ame]


Think I'll just buy a ticket for Brussels... it's not really expensive and I wanna go so badly! :bomb:

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