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Never kissed


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yes, if you really wanna get some lovin, then get off this site! :P


and my other advice, if ya wanna kiss someone, get both of yourselves drunk! easyyyy...

aahh no way! I want my first kiss to be special and not something random with a drunk guy at a party... ew

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:D :D :D :D :D


i spose the real reason why i did it is because i didnt want the kiss with a guy i really liked to be crap and awkwardish... but fuck, why did i sink so low with my first hookup :stunned: :lol:

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but if you're drunk and the other person's drunk, it would be fair

and if it sucks you can always use the "I'm going to look for my friends, I'll see you later" and never return





Uh noooo...this is my horror....

I hate those parties with loads of drunk people....and they "try" each other...:sick::lol:


therefore I avoid them...

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Yes......that's a good point....haha...we once told a friend of mine that she was so drunk and smooched a guy from our class nobody really liked...ew...:sick:


haha...and she believed us!



I could also say "Gummipunkte".....but no.....that doesn't fit there...."Pluspunkte" is better:wink:

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