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Never kissed


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Guest Grace

kisses kisses kisses ;)


i just noticed that i never kissed someone i really loved ... isn't that sad? :(

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Yeah, you must be pretty lucky cuase you have someone to share your life with. ;)

Btw, I'm still waiting... :blank:


indeed my girlfriend makes me feel the luckiest man alive, but i ment about my first kiss :P if i didnt go through it i would say its a scene from the best romantic movie ever!

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i will say it though it's hard for me to admit: i'm 22 years old and i've never kissed anybody properly!!! such a shame' date='isn't it?[/quote']


Wow, kinda!

I guess its because you haven't been into a serious relationship? is it because you're not interested at all or...?

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me and my ex used to kiss a lot, in fact I think it was the only thnig we did :rolleyes:

we had a very hard relationship though it lasted 3 years (I met him when I was 13 and we started dating when we were 14...) anyway, the weird thing was that we used to kiss more when we were not together, he said it was because we didnt have pressure :dozey: because we always fighted over little things, so if we were not together we had no "responsabilty" over the relationship, I think that's why :thinking: I used to think I loved him, but now I know I didnt. we still are very good friends :nice:

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