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Never kissed


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*raises hand*

i'll join the group of "never been kissed".

i've had a peck or two, but it was just sort of a dare and stuff. hah man, my friends always made fun after one of them. this guy i had known since i was in dipers. it's just sorta funny cos i had liked him a while before that....like...4 or 5 years:rolleyes:


never had a boyfriend. and it's kinda odd, being around people who have done so much. most of my friends have already had boyfriends and everything and sometimes you're around people who are like "man i really need to make out with some random person"


and i'm just sitting there going..."uhh...yeah. k."

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oh it could be worse' date=' im turning 18 in like 3-4 weeks...its pathetic.[/quote']


Me too, but in some months...

I quite got tired of feeling bad for this so I just feel like ignoring it, which was the same I was doing way before this thread so seems I just go back to the start. :thinking:

thebestyoucan is right I guess, all we can do is wait or live to see what happens, we're still relatively young thought.

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