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Most Embarssing Memories


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i was in preschool when santa came.....now.....he asked me what i wanted and i said i wanted a baseball bat....all the parents laughed at me.........an another one was someone had stollen my hat and i went crazy!!!! i was soooooo angry and all the people started looking at me when i was shouting like crazy

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bart that is truly shameful! :o :lol:


as a dare in primary school when i was about 9, i touched a breadstick which was wrapped in undies (dont ask me how it happened to be at my school :stunned: ) then touch a poo in the toilet :stunned:

the principal found out about it somehow and he gave a big lecture to me and a group of girls about it :D

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No and never! Me forever.


I like it^.Should remember.


Well......I'm not too hard to get embarassed.......There were many moments.....For example(from this story you can also understand what kind of guys are in my school):

It happened last year, in one of spring days.We had a break in school, and were just walking near classrooms.I was in skirt(I don't wear them, but it was too warm for jeans so I did it) and one guy from another class, such a "cool" guy....He was standing behind me and he pulled up my skirt so everyone saw my pants.It was so embarassing, I wanted to kill that bastard.

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I remember a few years ago ( I was like, 12 ) and I'd been given an award in school for effort.


Well, we all had to go to see the head teacher. We didn't find out till that morning. I wasn't in school uniform, I had a cut on my head (fell over night before and cut it) and was chewing gum. I looked like a little thug. Shaved head aswell.


That was pretty embarrasing, he was smiling at everyone else and when it got to me he just stared. So, everyone else did too.



I also was getting changed at a friends house and forgot to lock the door. A group of like, 12 girls (all mates of mine though) walked in and just looked like... :shocked2: all red in their faces. That was like, in the summer.

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