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Chuchy's Return!

I'm Chucky

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That's right guy's i'm back and i know you love it. When i said i was leaving you all left comments ending with a question mark trying to tempt me back, i know you miss me really so here i am, i'm back!


How is everyone on this fine day?

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Oh man' date=' please, how can you expect anyone to like you?? You're annoying. And your username is ugly as hell.[/quote']


Yeah you definitely like me really, i know for sure you do. It's like when your younger and you used to be nasty to the person you used to fancy. That's why you pretend to hate me, because really deep down you think i'm awesome.

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Do you think I'm 10?? I know how to deal with somebody I like, and I really know how to deal with people I dislike, like you. I don't like you, man. You suck. Please stop spamming this wonderful board

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