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Sports you love but hate...


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okay sports that you LOVE to play but HATE to watch and sports you HATE to play but LOVE to watch


Love to play/ hate to watch....basketball....tennis....running....

Hate to play/ love to watch....Football (usa NOT soccer) and hockey

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i hate to watch, love to play US football, and recently first time played and loved it but can't stand watchin it on the telly cuz it's boring but golf is fun.

love to watch but hate to play, volleyball, i hate playin it cuz i suck at it. lol. its nice watchin mens volleyball though. ;)

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can i do love to watch, but can't play?

love to watch tennis, like playing it , but SUCK at playing it...


and just hate golf and baseball...


love watching long distance running when they're almost at the end and they're pucking on themselves 'cause they're so tired, but hate to run..


can't really say that i like to play something but hate watching it..

if i like it , i like watching it.

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