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I'm afraid of syringes


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I was at a school event the other day and there was a public health stand where women could get vaccinated for rubella.No sooner had I noticed it than I turned white and felt sick, and my heart started pounding. My friends went in line to get it and tried to talk me into it because it was the most responsible thing to do, but I wouldn't even get near them, I told them I would get it in a hospital where nobody would see me cry. Is this so weird considering I have a tattoo??

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oh im always scared of injections and stuff... i hate hate hate needles... i dont understand why with medicine today researchers cant find a better way of getting things into our bodies or than poking us with needles :thinking:



i wish i could have a tattoo licked on by kittens :p

im too scared of needles, but i'll probably get one soon anyway... my friend and i made a pact

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i'm not really afraid of shots and needles.

i try not to look at it when someone's vaccinating me.

i still remember the last time my doctor took a blood sample. that hurts much more.

haha. but there is some kinda fear. so, i guess i'll never be a drug addict, which is good. :laugh3:

i'd still get a tattoo though.

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how come? :thinking:



i pass out when i have a blood test. I have to take them lying down


Allergy shots. I wish they'd let me give it to myself, i have to go into the office wait forever to get in, once i get the shot i have to wait 30 minutes to leave


So when you got your first blood test did you pass out on the ground? or were you already lying down?

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I was having a blood drive once and I felt like I was gonna pass out' date='to which the nurse said she was going to call Adrian Suar (big soap opera producer) to hire me. B-otch[/quote']

wow that's real supportive of her :thinking:


I guess I'm alright with needles.... I avoid looking at the actual syringe and especially while the docter injects the vaccine.......but i've never had a nervous breakdown or anything dramatic.....


The only time I remember feeling really unsure was while watching my sister get a check for allergies. They gave her about a dozen needles up both her arms, and so now, I don't think I'll ever get an allergy check.........


Yes... I don't like needles.

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I really don't care about needles. Haha. It's kinda uncomfortable but I don't really care...


I have a really high pain tolerance or something...


And I hate it when nurses are like "look away" or something when they give me a shot/IV/blood test, but I'd rather see it coming.


I'd give blood but I can't since I'm

1.) underage

2.) i have tuberculosis, an auto-immune disease, and all this other stuff. bad medical history. :/

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