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[2007] Most anticipated releases

Ondes Martenot

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Radiohead, British Sea Power, Portishead, Interpol, Arcade Fire, Animal Collective, The Good The Bad & The Queen, Wilco, The Shins


these are the most anticipated by me


there will also be the new R.E.M. perhaps

they started to work on the new material some time ago, if i'm not wrong


your anticipations?

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I look forward to getting the second Babyshambles album that's supposed to come out. The EP indicates that it's gonna be genious and brilliant.

Also want the follow up from Dirty Pretty Things.

Is there a list somewhere over releases for next year? Would be quite interesting to see..

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If these rumors are true...For me it would be The Good' date=' the Bad and the Queen, The Arctic Monkeys (hope it's true !!!) Franz Ferdinand, why not Joseph Arthur, Stereophonics...[/quote']


Joseph Arthur has a new album!!! bought it 2 weeks ago... :D

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The most anticipated release for me next year is the new Ocean Colour Scene album, more rocky than the previous albums. No doubt it will be ripped to pieces by music reviewers who will spend less time reviewing the album and more time saying crap about the band.


I doubt the radiohead album will be any good, with Thom going all about the myth that is human's are causing global warning (we are still in an ice-age don't you know).


I also believe the redwalls should have an album out next year.

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Guest LiquidSky
yes and with Capitol records (Coldplay's label too' date=' btw). it's going to be their first "commercial success" presumably[/quote']


oh then we shall wait and see if it ever happens..

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