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MySpace Coldplay


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If they'd start accepting every single friends request, they'd have millions of users and messages all day.. Don't forget that "they" is just one person of their team, publishing news or tour dates or whatever.. It isn't that special to be added there, as it doesn't really have anything to do with the band itself anyway.

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i 'friended' them a few months ago, i only use myspace to check out new bands, imagine how hurt my friends were when I put Coldplay before them on my top eight! :D Also, it might take a few months, the person who runs the site, doesn't check as often as he/she used too. (Funny, i thought it would be debs for some reason...or someone working under her) I used to see the signed on sign thing all the time, now the person's never on.

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Hey! Another brazilian in the forum :) Welcome!


Don't worry about MySpace, it's their record company who runs their page and there's nothing there you wouldn't find here or in the official site, for example. And don't feel rejected either, they used to add everyone who sent a request (there were no filter at all), so they're probably just having trouble with their account (since the old link is not working anymore).

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