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Unfair trade

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I posted some links here: http://www.coldplaying.com/forum/showthread.php?t=35025 (3rd post down). The 4th link does a fine job of explaining the concept fair trade (in a short little video), and how its practice can help marginalized producers/farmers become self-sustaining (allowing them a living wage and sustainable development) while still participating in the global market.


Go here: http://www.eq.tv/


This thread would be a great place to start up a lively discussion about fair trade...if people have questions/comments about what it is, post them here!

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Have you guys seen that Two Fingers to Poverty video? It's the clip of Chris while in Ghana. Chris gives quite a bit of insight on how unfair trade hurts farmers and their families. It's really short, but definitely gets the point across.


Anyway, here's a few petitions one can sign to help the cause and inform ourselves a bit! :smiley:





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