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Casino Royale


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Sure, the movies Dalton were in were possibly the worst in the series, but I still think he was the best bond before Daniel Craig. Roger Moore was ok, George Lazenby was awesome in his one movie, Pierce made a joke out of Bond, so I say Timothy was best. Like I think if the character if there were a real life James Bond, he'd be like Timothy Dalton's version. That Bond was a vicious bastard who knew what needed to be done, none of that "Shaken, not stirred" crap.

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That was the first Bond movie I've seen. And I must say it could be worse. I didn't excpect that much. I'm not saying I like this movie but I've always thought that Bond movies don't even have a subject... And Casino Royale does. Though it's still not my type of films. I guess about 60% of the movie is Eva Green... So beautiful. About 30% is mister Bond who looks very much like Russian president V. V. Putin. And 10% is humor... Yes, there're some moments that made me laugh.

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I'm going to see it Wednesday! :dance:


I'm a fan of the old Bonds, doesn't really matter which although I must admit, when I think of James Bond I just think of Connery. I've never been a fan of Brosnan, at ALL, so I never saw any of those movies. This one has peaked my interest, though!



Plus my senior class song is the Bond theme, since we're the class of '007! haha. Our logo is the one from the movie, very cool! So yeah, I feel it's necessary for me to see this! lmfao

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Was a very good film, fits in with the others perfectly. Just the right amounts of romance, action & sarcasm!!! Daniel Craig isn't quite James Bond, but I was less opposed to him by the end of the film. He's definitely a better BOnd than Pierce Brosnan but no-one beats ROger Moore!

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Casino Royale Review


The Bond franchise is both shaken and stirred




James Bond - Daniel Craig

M - Dame Judi Dench

Vesper Lynd - Eva Green

Le Chifre - Mads Mikkelsen

Felix Leiter - Jeffrey Wright

Mathis - Giancarlo Giannini




Martin Campbell




On a personal level, the arrival of this film generated a lot of enthusiasm from yours truly. I have the previous twenty Bond adventures on DVD, and after a couple of flawed outings I was excited about a change of direction for the ever-popular franchise.


Brosnan being not so subtly disrobed from the tuxedo initially left a nasty taste in the mouths of many Bond fans. Although he only had one outstanding outing as the secret agent (Goldeneye) he brought enough to the plate to pretty much save the three inconsistent scripts that followed. His effortless charm, charisma and amusing smarminess made most critics name check him as the character’s second best portrayer, behind Connery. Just his natural demeanour oozed Bond, and he looked how we all thought 007 should look. However, despite Tomorrow never dies being good value, it was only Goldeneye that showcased Brosnan’s credentials as a world-class actor, and by the time of his third and fourth outings (The world is not enough and Die another day) both he and the character had become a shadow of it’s ruthless past. They were still entertaining movies, and as noted Brosnan’s charisma still made it thoroughly watchable, but the franchise had become brainless. After the Brosnan fan club got over the fifth Bond’s demise, the search for number six was on, and it became an exhausting process. Basically every British actor over six foot was touted for the coveted role, but as with the casting of the Bond girl, no one seemed overly interested.


Step forward, Daniel Craig. The Layer Cake star was finally unveiled as the sixth man to play James Bond, and to say it caused an uproar amongst the franchise die hards is an understatement. In fairness, his tirade of abuse arrived courtesy of a very small demographic, but they were constantly vocal for a long time. But here he is nonetheless, and the nay-sayers’ may have to eat their words after they view, Casino Royale.


As for the film, well, it kicks off with James Bond one kill away from officially becoming a 00 agent. Craig’s acting during flashbacks to his inaugural kill is just phenomenal, and showcases his vast talent as an actor. The usual Bond spiel follows, but instead of the stereotypical death scene arriving, Mr. Bad Guy hardly gets a word in before a ruthless bullet to the head bags Bond his all important second kill. All in moody film noir, the opening five minutes indicates how different this Bond will be in style, before the patented pose to lead into the breathtaking title sequence. It’s a classy start, and nullifies your doubts on Craig’s credentials within three hundred seconds.


We learn soon enough that his opening mission is to prevent the funding of a major terrorism disaster. To do this, he must beat the seemingly impenetrable, Le Chifre (Mikkelsen) at his most prized attribute – his poker skills. Le Chifre acquires his funds by winning big money games (and by big, we’re talking ?10 million per head), with a presumed unblemished record in tact. His ruthless bravado at the table, married with the perk of being a mathematical genius capable of working out his odds of winning, results in elaborate success.


After one of the greatest foot chases of all-time and breaking into M’s house, it pretty much comes down to Bond winning a big money poker game. He needs to stop Le Chifre winning in order to stop the funding of world terrorism. He doesn’t need to kill him. He doesn’t need to interrogate him. He pretty much just needs to stop him accumulating an insane amount of revenue. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though, because that lengthy spell at the table brings truly fantastic tension to the screen.


Discovering his ‘new’ favourite drink (vodka martini) and realizing he likes it so much he better come up with a name for it (“shaken not stirred” perhaps) in addition to the first-time donning of the tux are cool, much needed little touches to the film. Craig plays it so well, you really forget the other twenty films and believe this is a prequel. You believe he is just starting out. Just as Nolan did with Batman, Campbell presents this iconic figure in a much more vulnerable state. He’s not perfect, just yet, and that realism is a great addition.


Daniel Craig is a revelation in the role, bringing such ruthlessness and complexity to the character, and the supporting stars play their parts with assured class. However, it’s not the greatest Bond film ever, and there are some flaws. Craig’s first outing in a car being a FORD doesn’t sit well, but everyone can get over that. It’s more a case of the romantic angle. Not since On her majesty’s secret service have we seen such genuine affection from Bond. His first meeting with Vesper Lynd (the impressive Eva Green) is a great scene, and the chemistry between the pair is perfect. However, sandwiched between the marathon poker game and the finale, the film really focuses on their relationship, and in stages it’s cringing. Some shots are reminiscent of how Family Guy would take the piss out of it, but it’s being serious. Its so over-the-top in sentiment and affection, miles away from the cocky early claims of, “your not my type - your single” and “champagne for one.” It’s a shame, because it affects an almost perfect portrayal from Craig, and potential movie of the year contender. The inevitable scenario reignites his ruthless streak and the film’s final line leaves you on such a major high, you will almost forget his dip into the alias of Mr. Soft.


Moment of the Movie


The first fifteen minutes. Dark and brutal film noir, followed by a fantastic title sequence and then a magically choreographed foot chase.


Performance of the Movie


Daniel Craig as James Bond. Fantastic.




The 411: Bond is back, and he has returned in style. The ruthless nature of Craig’s portrayal is a stark contrast to previous outings. Would Brosnan have ever responded to, “Martini – shaken or stirred” with “do you think I give a damn?” No. There are no unnecessary gadgets, no cheesy innuendo, and when he turns on the charm he does it with class and sophistication. The love story aside, it’s a great return for Bond, and although he probably looks the least like how 007 should stereotypically look, Daniel Craig is certainly the best actor ever to go by the name of James Bond.


Final Score: 8.0 [ Very Good ]



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I can't even describe how much I enjoyed this thrilling, fantastic, amazing movie! I have to admit that I was a "Bond virgin" before - but now I got deflowered by the hottest Bond ever :P


I've never seen any Bond movies, and I wouldn't watch them now either, because no matter what fantastic actors Sean Connery or Roger Moore were - I never cared about that Bond stuff! Pierce Brosnan seemed boring to me and just didn't appeal to me, and the other movies seemed too old and unrealistic to me.


But this - it was just perfect! I was one of the lucky invitees for a free movie premiere last night, and I enjoyed every single minute! Daniel Craig is just out of this world, he's a brilliant actor and just fits perfectly into this role - I personally can't even imagine that anyone else but him would be Bond! :D Eva Green is a gorgeous Bond girl, finally allowing James to develop feelings..


All in all, a fantastic movie, even for Bond-haters - go and see it, you won't regret it! The 140 minutes go by so fast, and it's thrilling every single second! And Daniel Craig.. Sigh, what shall I say? :P



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I saw Casino Royale yesterday evening...


I liked it, but I think it was a bit too long... the movie was nice until he wins the poker contest... and then, well, the movie didn't keep me anymore...


Finally, Daniel Craig is a good James Bond, I didn't think so, I don't know why...


Pierce Brosnan was a good JAmes Bond, IMO.

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Went to see Casino Royale last night and I was actually pleasantly surprised. It turned out to be a good film, I liked it a lot. It was a surprise cos I've been quite bored with Bond films lately, haven't even seen the last two or three before this one. And to me Sean Connery was the only true James Bond.


Still I'm not a big James Bond fan but this is a good film, the storyline is wellmade and actors are impressive, especially Daniel Craig and Eva Green. (And Judi Dench is always brilliant.) Sean Connery has some real competition now!

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Yesterday I watched this film and I was pleasantly surprised! It starts with the intro which I really liked, because of this great design and the song in the background. The action was amazing although sometimes the film became a bit boring. These "cuddle scenes" were a bit ridicilious lol. But I definitely enjoyed this film.


By the way, I didn't know that this German bloke, who became famous with Balko on RTL television, was also involved in Casino Royal. He was so funny. :D



I mean the right one...

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