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Favorite/Least Favorite Classes


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He he he...I'm in school at this very moment trying not to get caught. Technically I'm supposed to use this study hall to "study".

:dozey: ...


Well anyway, most of the people here on coldplaying are still in school and I was wondering what some of your favorite and least favorite classes are.



Favorite: English, French and Art

Least Favorite: Chemistry and Drivers Ed.

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My favourites are English, though it's pretty poor in my school (can't wait to get in uni :dance: ), Arts, of course, Russian and Literature. Literature would be the bestest if we didn't study Russian classics only... Like it anyway.


The least favourites must be maths and... hmmm.... I dunno, chemistry.

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^I guess I won't take that then... Biology or Chemistry, it is.



Favourite: art, french, and business (only because I have a really great and funny teacher. ie for one class we got 2 pieces of paper, some drinking straws, and tape to create some sort of contraption to keep your egg intact when we drop it off a balcony in our school. it promotes "good cooperation skills" haha)


Least favourite: civics, ....and even english (don't like the teacher, I guess)

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