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best thing about canada...hockey...maybe not toronto rite now :D , was never really that much of a toronto fan. go new jersey! even tho i really wanted js giguere and paul kariya to win, but there's always next year...but the nhl awards is in toronto tonite yay! $6000 for tables i heard....gosh, it's painful knowing steve yzerman is in the same city and i can't go see him :sad: any hockey fans here?


last nite's show was amazing, still deliriously happy from it all


corona rules

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To be quite honest, the whole SARS situation has been blown entirely out of proportion in terms of how safe our city is. Toronto still fuckin' rules and we always will!! :D


Sorry, i'm feeling a bit "city-proud" ever since i found out i'd be moving to Montreal, which fuckin' rules as well! :D

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Canada has wicked bands except for the following


NICKELBACK, Theory Of A Deadman, Simple Plan, Default, Not by choice........ lol


I want to go to BC and go snowboarding one time, that would be a nice winter trip.

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