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the best thing?


crispy crunch chocolate bars! i never knew they were only canadian! :o someone from the states came through my lane buying like 30 of them and i was like "woah" lol.


and the worst thing?


tie. snow and simple plan both suck.

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:lol: AMEN SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hahaha..the best thing? hmmmmm....i'd have to say the shopping...we have mad crazy shopping in Canada!


The worst?? I'd have to say Simple Plan, Snow and Nickelback..they are a disgrace to canadian music. :)

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The best thing about Canada is that we have a multicultural, peacekeeping nation to be patriotic for.......
























ahhhhhh who am I kidding. MOLSON CANADIAN BEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other great things that came out of Canada are Matt Good, Our Lady Peace, and great actors who are currently taking over the American entertainment industry.


The worst thing about Canada is the winter.

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