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haha..i love using EH now! hahaha...it just works so well with me..


Not much J-Dawg. I'm not at home right now i'm at my cousin's house helping her get ready for her wedding, that's coming up at the end of the month. It's alright... what's going on with you? :D

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lol my friend Andrei is the only other person I KNOW IN ETOBICOKE that loves Radiohead. And he said it's a fifty fifty chance if he can go or not. And my mom doesn't want me to go alone. So I need to find somebody if he can't come. lol

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um..nothing. I'm kinda pissed off b/c i just wrote the longest e-mails to one of my friends and when i sent it, my hotmail account got royally fucked and exited my account without sending the fuckin' thing. GRRRRR......


It's upsetting me b/c i was rather witty in the e-mail and that just can't be duplicated. :roll: :D

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