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My right eye hurts.....

Sweet One

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wow.. i have eye problems too.. my left eye constantly gets swollen when i sleep and i have a theory that my sister punches me in my sleep but no way to prove it!

and today my whole eye felt so bruised and my eyelid was a little swollen


anyways i think the problem was that you lied!! LIARR!!!!!

it was from "cross my heart and hope to die stick a needle in my eye...." RIGHT RIGHT!?!?! hahahha

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You did?? Why Chrissy?? :shock:
Because before the operation i...*looks in dictionary*... was squinting i think it is. And now it's gone! YAY! my eye was blood red and i had to wear an eyepatch! :shock:


before it i wore glasses so i wouldnt be squinting... for 7 yesr or so FOR NO REASON! i could see well, it was JUST for the squinting my mom told me AFTER THE 7 YEARS!! :x

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