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Do Long Distance Relationships Work?

Sweet One

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Well, what do you think??


Consider the following factors:


-6 hours away from each other

-will potentially only see each other on holidays (i.e. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years)

-phone calls, although plausible, are somewhat limited due to charges.


So, what do you think??

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yeah cos that works...


the time you spend together can end up being more special, because it's rare.


there's good and bad points, the question is what do you want to do, and what does he want to do?

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This is coming from someone who has been in a serious long distance relationship...


Long Distance Relationships can only work if you have the following factors:


1) You are happy even though that person is away. Being depressed from lack of your significant other tears apart the relationship. Depression is a huge problem. When you're in a local relationship, comforting someone who's depressed is easy, but it sucks when all you can do is talk or type. Depression cannot be cured by words alone. It has to be cured by the combination of actions and words.


2) your love is mutual and balanced. If someone loves more than the other, the relationship is unbalanced and falls apart. This also applies to local relationships, but is even more vital in long distance relationships, because you have separate lives and can only be together via phone and internet. If someone is more attached than the other, the more attached person will start to feel very unsatisfied and lonely because the other person isnt around as much as they want them to be. This feeling multiplies in a long distance relationship. They'll start to feel depressed and want the other person around more, but it will only drag the other person down, which will lead to the other person wanting to be away from the more attached one. Of course, this makes it even worse. This will end in a disasterous breakup. Make sure to always discuss your situation with your significant other. Always talk about your lives and make sure to make the other person feel included, because of the long distance. Its common for someone in a long distance relationship to feel left out of the other person's life. Jealousy starts to play a role when you cant see who the other person is hanging out with and most importantly, who is taking interest in your significant other.


3) be prepared for the future. Know that someday down the line, when the "long distance" aspect of the relationship has to come to an end, one of you is going to have to start a new life. One will have to move to be with the other. I myself was in a relationship in which both of us were attached to where we were living, because of friends and family. Make sure that one of you is more than happy to move to be with the other, or it wont work. Maybe one of you is dying to get out of town and start a new life. Then it could work as a normal relationship.


and finally, make sure your long distance relationship is only long distance for a limited time. if it lasts too long, it may become unfixable, but if it lasts too short, you may move in with the person and realize you made a big mistake. Frequent visits are crucial to a long distance relationship.


I just realized after typing all this that I sound like a freakin shrink, hah... oh well... There's my penny's worth...

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