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air guitar


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HAHAH omg and on last call (with carson daly)

LASTNIGHT!! they had the guy who won second place in the air guitar championships!!!!! AHAHAHA HE WAS SO .... well.. not... but he was sorta funny

his name was Bjorn to Rock HA! and he had a tie and he even air tuned his guitar

and he was playing along to song 2 by blur..

it was funny eh but then in the middle of it, he ripped open his shirt and the nastiest thing, HE HAD SO MUCH FLUB.. well not much, but if i had that, i wouldnt be ripping open my shirt and dancing around with it


hehehe and at the end of his performance jamie kennedy was making fun of his flub and was like maybe you should do some "air" situps.. and the jokes kept going like that hehehe

but then i got a feeling he was a heavy smoker cuz carson and jamie were grossed out by his stank and they asked if he smoke and told him he should give it up


but in the end, they said theyd send bjorn to rock to LA if he promised to win the championships there

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air drumming is the best.. but only cock gal does it..

the best instrument for me ("air" or not) are jugs.. heeh or bottles HOO HOO


the commercial we both like is the one where get free is playing and the guys in the car are shakin their heads and the one in the back is air drumming

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