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Emotional Films


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Well I have so many i love on this level, so i wasn't about to go start a thread for everyone of them, although it would have been a good way to spam 8)


Anyways, some films i think are amazing on an emotional level




What can i saw, Being a huge Robin Williams fan i went and brought this on dvd a few months ago, having never seen it. All i could say was wow. De niro is simply amazing in, Williams plays a character that you don't usually see him play, and he is superb in his own way. A great tale of friendship, and trying to help, but also how things can't always be changed. One of the few fdilms that had a lasting impact on me :)


Dead Poets Society


Another Robin Williams Film, but this is an inspirational, and moving piece of film-making. It was a great tale of going that extra step, and trying to be an individual. Loved it




All time classic, and obvious why. A great love story, and it's also about sacrifice.


Educating Rita


Caine is brilliant in this, a story about change. Some very good scenes and comments by the cast, and well acted :) It's a tale about trying to be more than you are, it's very good, and also funny




Steve Martin, in my fave film with him in it. This is a great film, a rare martin film in that he plays down his usual self. Well acted through-out with a story about family. Very good, don't really know what to say, it just strikes a chord with me.


Patch Adams


Another Robin Williams Film, not as good as it could have been, but he plays his character well, and there are some very potent scenes in this film that really got me thinking about life and death.


Scent Of A Woman


Pacino's best work? perhaps, perhaps not. But a great story of maturity, and friendship and learning lessons, with one of the greatest movie speeches ever.


Good Will Hunting


AAAAAh, another Robin Williams film, but again it's brilliant, Damon is also very good in here too. Great inter-action, and a good story about friendships, and love and the possibility to become greater than you're friends but not wanting to.


Mr Hollands Opus


Richard Dreyfuss is simply brilliant, showing 30 years of a life, so brilliant, so good, so simple in places, but amazing.

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oh damned yeah of course.


What Dreams May Come


Robin Williams is good in this, with some rather interesting themes on death. An amazing opening half hour, for terms of emotional value and ideas, but it then drags on a little, until the last 20 or so mins.

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