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Ipod Alternatives?


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Are there any good alternatives to Ipod that you've tried or used?


I don't have any qualms with Ipod. I mean it's really the world's digital audio player of choice. While that is well and good, it also means that the passenger seating beside you is listening to his ipod, and so is the person in front of you. Everyone in class has these familiar white earphones plugged in.


Sometimes, just sometimes, I don't want to be just a face in the crowd.


Only last month, I bought this rather cheap, 2004-model $90 digital audio player. I'm not into videos, but I crave disk space for my audio files. Well, a 5 Gig gadget would suffice, considering that a lesser-capacity Ipod would cost much higher than that. And the sound quality is all right.




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apparently the creative zen is great. i have a 4 gb mini, which is too small for my music library, and i'm an audiophile (high kbps) and a friend has a zen, they are great, good interface, plus they have an inbuilt fm tuner/recorder, only downside is the lack of accessories that ipod has...

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