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It's always nice to complain about the weather


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I hate rain and wind, man.




So much. It's not fair at all. Is there actually ANYONE out there who enjoys this over the sun?


Although I suppose some people burn easy in the sun but still, there's nothing to do in the rain but sit inside. It makes everything worse. It's like the sky is mad at me.



I just want to play basketball or football all day and it's raining. Well thanks, sky!

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You can bum around here :uhoh2:


Ironically, we don't get enough rain :furious3: it's really a pain in the royal behind when your town turns into a barren hole because the council cuts the grass too short everywhere, thus drying it out. Plus, because of the water restrictions, once something dries out, it's practically a goner.


The water restrictions are very lenient in any case... our measures to save water are ridiculous :laugh3:


But this has been the hottest March recorded in Melbourne yet... :stunned:

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i like rain generally, but the town in PA that my uni is in must be the rainiest place in the COUNTRY besides seattle, i swear. it's the rainiest place i've ever been outside of the UK.


i like occasional rain, no more than four times a month. and it's worst in the winter because everything's so yucky and cold already. being wet just makes you colder, and it's a lame and disgusting alternative to pretty and potentially school-cancelling snow.

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ah the weather is great over here!

It's sunny and the temperature is a bit below 0 (-2 to -6 grades or something)

Lalala, i'll go out with my dog soon to enjoy the great weather :cool3:


-2 to -6?



that's like the coldest days here... and just like -3


-6 here is like.. I don't think we've had that temperature :uhoh:

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