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Help meeeee!

miss capa

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Argh!! OK, teen rant, brace yourself!


There's this guy in my class, named Matt. He's really nice and funny and he came to my school this year. He sends me a text EVERY day asking me how I am and stuff and he's really sweet.


Seems perfect, I like him, he seems to like me. One catch


He already has a girlfriend!!!


Her name is Amy and she is (quote) "Semi-gothic slash punk with black hair"


Matt is really cool but I have no idea what to do if he already has a girlfriend...argh! Help me please!



















































































Or there wil be blood :sneaky:


just kidding


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and nothing more...?:laugh3::laugh3::laugh3::laugh3:




:bigcry: He keeps mentioning his girlfriend, I can't stand it its like

"Oh hey Matt, I'm practically in love with you but hey, I'll just stay your friend"


Edit: OMG! He did it again! He mentioned her...time to pull out the 'tell me more about your girlfriend, she sounds nice'


This is killing me...

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I'm not lying or anything...


well, ok maybe I exaggerated with every day but it's still often enough to make me angry if I were his girlfriend and he was texting someone else.


I can't exactly tell him...I think I've hinted a few times though


Oh shit, he just texted me saying 'who in our class would you go out with?"

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I wish I could....that'd be a crack up of a scene.


OMG! He just text me and asked me to call him!

Guys are weeeiiiiiird when it comes to love. :dozey:


Ask him what's up with his behaviour. Simply. No need for complicating things ... just ask him.

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yeah, guys are crazy sometimes. lots of my guy friends call/called me every freaking day and did things like that, which made me wonder about their motives but honestly i think they were just too stupid to realize that calling a girl every day just to talk is kind of an obsessive thing to do. and then sometimes these calls/text from potential interests got me way too excited and amounted to nothing. this is just my experience, though; i don't think it applies in every case!


if you really like him, then i'd say make it slightly obvious without getting too annoying. if you make it known without being obnoxious, then he'll do something if he feels similar, i think. or you could be the bold one and say it straight out, but that's kind of not how i do things personally. then again, i have no idea why i'm giving boy-advice since every relationship i've had/wanted petered out into a friendship. which is fine, but also aggrivating.

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I never thought that him texting me every day was obsessive...(yes, he texted me again to day and we talked for like 5 hours) We never really talk about things like "so who do you have a crush on" and "who would you go out with". We talk about more pointless things like what we did on the weekend and pokemon and crap like that.


The thing is, I'm just so damn hesitant cus I know he has a girlfriend and I respect that and I really just can't pull myself to say "What the fuck Matt? You text me like every day but you have a girlfriend already? Like seriously what's up?"


"This is the last time I'll forget youuu and this isss the last time's I'll abandon youu I wish I could"


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I think you need to ask him, as hard as that sounds. Maybe just start a convo about his gf "how long have you been together", "where did you meet" etc and try to bring it round to why he's always calling you maybe ask him if she has any close male friends and go from there.


Maybe he doesn't think he's doing anything wrong but it sounds as if like he's just getting your hopes up and if his gf found out I think she'd be upset.

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Yeah, last few days I've been wondering if he has a good relationship with his girlfriend. I did ask him about his girlfriend, he told me she was goth/emo

"There is a fine line between Emo and Goth, my girlfriend WAS on that line"

Then iI told him that goths are cool, and that emos scare me

"She's not depressed or anything but if I don't talk to her for ages she slits her wrists, I've seen the scares"


I'm not lying, thats what he wrote. Now I'm just freaked. So now I'm too scared for him and his girlfriend which is why I really don't want to get in the way but I like him too damn much to just sit still and hope this all blows over

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Thats what I thought...I'm just soo freaked about how I managed to really fall for this guy (ok, I dont LOVE him, but I am pretty hung up about him) and have him act like he pretty much doesn't have a girlfriend is weird. I was seriously contemplating asking him to the easter fair, like as a friend but I just worry too much...


Ok, if he texts me again tommorow (he always texts in the morning) I am going to ask why, if he doesn't I just tke it he needed someone to talkl to for a few days

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WTF? This is the second night in a row he has test me 'Morning!" at about 10pm at night...thats cutee but seriously WTF?



What the heck...? :dozey:


10 pm = morning??


His brain capillaries are twisted, i think

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