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VLVODAAHF: CD or Digital?

Guest Hyperfried

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Guest Hyperfried

Hey y'allz, I'm quite curious:


When LP4 is finally released, will you be going for a solid CD or a digital release through iTunes or Amazon or the like?


I'm a bit torn myself. On the one hand, a CD is the classic manifestation, that can be used anywhere and comes with a cool case. However... digital releases, especially through iTunes, tend to come with bonus tracks. There's a slight chance that a CD would lack certain bonus tracks.


So, what do you think it'll be for you?

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CD it is.


^No you're right, somehow it feels more real that way. I get the same feeling. I think its partly because you're listening to it the way the band made it, the version that came straight from the studio. But maybe I'm speaking nonsense as well.

No, you're not. I get your point there. :) When I play the cd, I like to read or take a look at the cd's booklet / inlays (sorry if it's the wrong term for a some kind of little thin book inserted in the cd package :D). I always feel that the band design and create the inlays themselves along with the songs, it's a unity, so it feels more real for me. I don't get that feeling when I listen to digitals. Or maybe I'm just making another nonsense. :laugh3:

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