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Muse Noob


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Today...I discovered Muse!


I think I deserve a hug or a pat on the back. :)



Yea so I know everyone else already listens to Muse and is like obsessed with them or whatever, but today was the first day I listened to them and they're fantastic!

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Falling Away With You


Stockholm Syndrome

Time Is Running Out

Supermassive Black Hole



Knights of Cydonia

Feeling Good

New Born


Muscle Museum

Plug In Baby


My favs so far would have to be KoC, Feeling Good, FAWY, Starlight, Stockholm, but I love them all. I'm gonna buy some albums soon.

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ooh, another Muse Convert :D

you have many many good times ahead of you my friend.


One bit of advice, I reccomend buying the Absolution Tour DVD, because the only thing better than Muse on CD is live Muse on DVD ;) Plus you get to see the infamous 'Crab Dance' during Time Is Running Out :D


And when you're done with that, you really ought to watch Knights Of Cydonia live at wembley, if you're not left speechless I'll be amazed! :p

Muse KoC at Wembley: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjjsGChcEtQ


Enjoy them ;)

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I was hooked for a couple months. Then I listened to Radiohead.


[/end story]


It's pretty much the same for me, minus the being hooked for a couple months. Oh, and I'm guessing I'm not nearly as hooked on Radiohead as you are...

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