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The Coldplaying Pub.


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that's rather cool

I bet you gonna have to study Neantherthals and shit :lol:


I had a free hour just before arts, ain't nobody got time for that

besides, the homework yo



hahah what?

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haaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahha this is the biggest joke ever my favourite radio station is giving away tickets to Coldplay in Paris and I'm 5 months too young to enter the contest. fucking hell I wouldn't travel alone with someone else who's too young :( why are they doing this :bigcry:


Celien if you want to do me a favour, listen to stubru this week and try to answer their probably way too easy questions :cheesy:



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I hope for you that they don't need me to help on training at 6 and I have school school until 16.20 :| but yeah if I hear something I'll do my best :nice:


I don't want my prom, still got nobody who wants to go with me :(

Is it 6 July yet? Me wants a festival

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Hello Batty :nice:


Will you now be so kind to clean the mess you just made with falling down? Thank you


Oh and I like your avatar :cool:


I never clean up after myself... that's why I live in a cave! :awesome: *throws used tissue on the floor*

Yes, now it feels like home :wacky:


Why thank you, I like yours, too :charming:

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*looks at tissue and other dirty stuff*

Well maybe that's why there are so many rooms in the TARDIS I avoid, never time or the mood to clean.


Thank you :blush:




The TARDIS, huh? Fancy place you've got here


*looks around*


*leaves some food crumbs on the floor while walking around*


*comes to stop at a bright red button*



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