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The my day on wikipedia thread!


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Weve all done it, you go on wikipedia for a single purpose and it branches out, and out and out... till you end up on a completely obscure page of the most perfect webpage.


Heres an example, its slightly exadurated because I couldn't possibly remember the full flow.


I was looking at war crimes in the Vietnam war which led to...


Vietnamese war crimes,

Anti war movement,


Summer of love,

Albums of summer of love,

White album (the beatles),

List of lennon songs,

Yoko ono (disambigugation),

List of products named after real people,

List of yogart products,




Tape worm,

Stomache failure,


Near death experiences,

Life report,


Fatal hilarity

list of people who have died from fatal hilarity,



I discovered someone died after watching a Wish called wander (a movie with ex Pythons)



So what adventures have you guys had on wikipedia?

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Fatal Hilarity?! :laugh3:





Tape worm,

Stomache failure,


Haha, proof that excessive consumption Actimel can eventually lead to death :P


Hahahaha, oh man. I've had too many of these Wikipedia adventures to even recall where I went with them. Worryingly, the Death article seems to come up quite a lot :P And sometimes I end up going to topics that scare me the most. Weird, i know.

I'll post how my next 'Wikiventure' goes in this thread when it happens :smiley:

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oh man, this thread is like what i do everyday. i'm kind of in love with wikipedia, and ending up in completely random pages is the story of my life. yesterday i somehow went from perestroika to...coldplay. and yes, it was all linked somehow, though i don't rememeber how. i think i need to start documenting my weird wiki-ventures, because they're hilarious. this is exactly why i love wiki so much. it's the best thing out there, i think.


yeah, i tend to get to freaky topics too. lots of not-nice things too, like wars and conflicts etc. i don't think i've ever been to death, though. that's almost too freaky for my liking. but lots of mental illnesses and strange things like that.

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yesterday i somehow went from perestroika to...coldplay. and yes, it was all linked somehow, though i don't rememeber how.

Haha, I would have liked to see how that played out :P


And I can't believe the word "wikiventure" already exists! I thought I'd made it up just now :lol:

Here's the definition:



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Two great finds, perhaps the best pages on Wikipedia ever...





Found this wandering through what wikipedia had to say on World war 3, its basically recycled material from dodgy star trek/wars fan forums and various unsourced websites about how to hypothetically destroy a planet. While the fact the page exists on wikiepedia is prepostorious enough, the discussion page is the funniest bit. Where people argue over what should or shouldn't be in a hypothetical 'how to kill a planet FAQ' whether it should be called 'planet destroyer /eater instead' and the people who just want the thread deleted for being so retarded.



Oh and an article about whales that explode, which is funny because whales arn't meant to explode...



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i swear! i didn't see that you used the term! i thought i just made it up.


and you can't have your brain back because it's mine too :P

twinbrainism again, i'm afraid.

Hahaha, I just typed that into google... no results. Looks like you got to make up a word after all :P


Linking back to the topic, I reckon you should create a Twinbrainism article on Wikipedia :P

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Right now i'm checking wiki-info (in portuguese) about our next trip and i just got to know that again for them (lucky them they've been in Batalha this monday and i had missed it, damn telemovel :bigcry:), first time for me, we will go to Leiria :cheesy:


Nazaré (Portugal)

Distrito de Leiria

Anexo:Lista de património edificado no distrito de Leiria

Igreja de São Gião

Forte de São Miguel Arcanjo

Praia da Nazaré

Igreja da Misericórdia da Pederneira

Ermida da Memória (Nazaré)


Yesterday i just 'wikipedied' some words just to check where some places are:

Cantanhede (Portugal)

(Just got to know about another summer festival :dance: Expofacic, bands that had took part on this festival already:

Scorpions, Simple Minds, Nelly Furtado, Reamonn, Ivete Sangalo, Fingertips, The Gift, Rui Veloso, Da Weasel, GNR, Paulo Gonzo, Xutos & Pontapés, Ala dos Namorados, Luís Represas, Squeeze Theeze Pleeze, Daniela Mercury, Clã, Toranja, Skank.)

Squeeze Theeze Please

(A local band, must give them a listen.)


(funny a neighbourhood of this place is called Álvaro, that is a name in Spain hehe).


Batalha (Portugal)




(funny that name is so similar to a town in Valladolid province, Spain (which is where i was born))

José I de Portugal

(i got to know now, that although this man married a spanish women, he was against Spain at his time due to Jesuist ban).

Papa Clemente XIV

(i got to know, who banned Jesuist order :stunned:.... and btw this man died the same day as my cousin bday, so a day before my bday :uhoh:)



Moinho de Maré de Corroios


Nuno Álvares Pereira

:stunned: I didn't knew that Fray build dams :stunned:

Festival de Música Moderna de Corroios

(this fest is as modern as i had never heard about some bands they mention there: Yellow W Van, Factos Reais, Easyway, Plasma, The Poppers, Sugar, Dapunksportif e New Connection.)

Reserva Natural do Estuário do Tejo

(i must visit that area one day)

Angra do Heroísmo


Paços de Ferreira


so this wikipedia journey of yesterday, wasn't as cool as StephenG's one, but it let me know about more festivals and bands, which is cool. :D

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So fun :nice: I chose a rather nerdy one so here goes:


42 AD

42 (disambiguation)

42 (number)

Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything

Meaning of life



Fatal hilarity


I don't know |D I got stuck trying to find Death :uhoh:

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