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Happy Cinco de Mayo


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5 de Mayo is not the Mexican Independence,is something different.


Mexican Independence is on September 16

yep sorry about the mistake. It's when Mexico beat up France that's on May 5th. Margaritas were only $1.99 for a large, so that all that really matters. :P
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I have a question


Why the hell do american celebrate May 5th??????


it's not like I'm complaining and saying "that's part of our history not yours" but I don't really understand why you guys seem to care more up there than us. We just make parades and don't go to school :P but you party and drink. WHY? What did USA had to do with this?

Or is it because of what texasluvsjonny says? cause half of us are there in south of USA?

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Most of the places that celebrate it here have large Mexican population, and it's no so much a celebration of the event, but has become more of a celebration of Mexican culture, just as St Patrick's day celebrates Irish culture, Oktoberfest celebrates Germany culture, and so on. The battle certainly kept Napoleon's army out of the US, and General Zaragoza was actually born in what is now Texas, so I guess that is important, but let's face it, Americans will celebrate anything involving food and drinking. :laugh3:

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