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Chris Martin's Music Recommendations -

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NME said:


"Chris wants to see Gallows but is "terrified " to do so, he's finally got into Amy Winehouse and early REM, and his big tip is Yeasayer".


Gallows I don't like - but Yeasayer it's awesome!!!


What do you think about these bands?


If you're into Gallows my suggestions are:


Staring at the Rude Bois, Abandon Ship, In The Bells Of The Shark & Orchestra of Wolves.


If you're into Yeasayer my suggestions are:


2080, Sunrise, Wait for the Summer & Final Path.



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I'm behind on those 2 bands, but as for early REM...Chris!! Welcome back from under a rock!! I'm amazed he's new to their early stuff. (Just my opinion, but I think it's their best.)


As for Amy, She's ok. It's too bad people know more about her habits than her music.

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