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Rank Coldplay's music videos from best to worst!

Mister Snig

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Now that the video Violet Hill has been released (leaked?), let's determine which videos we love and which ones we hate. From best to worst:


  • Trouble (US version) - This video is amazing. First off, it's not a performance video. Secondly, the art style used is very unique and added a lot of color to a bizarre scenario.
  • Talk - I really enjoyed how they tried to make this video as cheesy as possible. Really liked the part with all the instruments before the final chorus. Hilarious!
  • The Scientist - I mean, come on. A backwards video. How clever is that?
  • Speed of Sound - That giant wall of light is awesome. When I become a millionaire, I'm going to buy me one of those.
  • Violet Hill - Enjoyed the humor in this one. Their outfits are really cool, too.
  • Fix You - The ending was great. They should do more videos of live performances.
  • Yellow - I really liked how bittersweet this video was. Beaches are supposed to be happy, sunny places and this sort of goes against that stereotype. Additionally, Chris looks exactly like one of my friends in this video.
  • Trouble (UK version) - It was sort of cool to watch Chris do stuff with a chair, but it didn't hold my interest very much.
  • God Put a Smile Upon Your Face - The concept wasn't very interesting in theory, and neither was it interesting in action.
  • Don't Panic - For some reason, the art style here...creeped me out.
  • Shiver, In My Place, and Clocks are tied. Lame performance based videos that don't really do much to complement the music.

Yep, so that's my opinion. Feel free to post yours!

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  • Violet Hill: This is the best I've ever seen!
  • Trouble(UK): This is is also one of the best!
  • Trouble(US)/Don't Panic: Both videos are nice, very special effects!
  • The Hardest Part: If you know the story behind this one, it is very well done!
  • The Scientist: Everything backplayed, I think one of the hardest videos ever made!
  • Bigger Stronger: Funny and weird video! But not bad for a first one!
  • Talk: Not much difference in it, can't beat the Bigger Stronger one.
  • Speed Of Sound: Nice clip with cool light effects!
  • Clocks: This is a gig-like clip but in a special way!
  • GPASUYF: Good vid, but nothinh that special.
  • Shiver/In My Place: Nice made vids but nothing Special.
  • Fix You: Walking over street and playing at live? Not special to me.
  • Yellow: See Fix You, but less specials in it.

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the scientist-- i love story videos that the musicians are in, i love creative cinematographic effects, and i love this song. i just think the whole backwards story thing is too awesome for words.

shiver-- i love this video because it's so simple and it suits the song. they're so young, and it's about having a huge crush like you do at that age. and i just love how you can tell it's their first video. not a single one of them looks at the camera the entire time; they only look at the floor or their instruments, or at each other when they're feeling brave. but then like 3/4 of the way through it, chris seems to get more comfortable and confident, and he looks directly at the camera and...ohhh. i melt. then he can't keep his eyes off of it :P

i also like that he's not wearing shoes in the video :laugh4:

speed of sound-- this was the video that made me love coldplay, so it'll always be special to me. but really, i think it's a pretty awesome way to do a performance video. the colors are awesome, and the way chris moves is even more awesome. they seemed so excited in that video.

trouble (UK)-- i find this video half hysterical, half genius. i cracked up the first time i saw it, with guy being manhandled and abused by will and jonny, but i don't know, i just like thinking about the story behind the video, like why these two random guys are tied up on a sketchy city street in the freezing rain. i like that you have to think about it and create a bit of your own explanation for it.

in my place-- i can't really explain why i like this one so much, but i do. i think their performance really suits the song, with chris pleading and jumping around. i like that they do it in this empty, sterile-seeming warehouse place. and i really love how at the very, very end, right before it goes to black, chris smiles back at the other three :nice:

clocks--performance video again, but i like how the crowd is eerily stoic and reserved. and will throwing the water makes it for me. very cool shot. and just SUCH a killer song.

fix you-- i love the first half. i think the setting and the mood really suit the song. i love all the yellowy, orangey streetlights and chris's lonely walking. before the video even came out, this is exactly what i had in mind. the live concert bit is also cool, i guess, but just kind of boring. besides, i find it too odd that chris just randomly runs into a massive concert already in progress.

yellow-- i love the simplicity of it. yeah, it's a bit monotonous, but i like the melancholy feeling to the whole thing. walking alone on the beach in the rain at dawn...but singing such an amazing, devotional song...

talk-- this just cracks me up. i love how much fun they're having with it. i like the crappy space-vibe to it. and i find it really cool how chris shines his flashlight on the moon and you can see it. i don't know why, but i find that really cool.

violet hill-- i think this could have been a bit better, really. lots of untapped potential for this song, i think. but i like the new look and everything, and the end makes me laugh. and chris looks, well, gorgy :P

don't panic-- animation style creeps me out a bit, but i think it's pretty cool, it's just not for me. i remember seeing this long before i got into coldplay and thinking it was by one of those crunchy, indie bands from vermont or montana or something :laugh1:

trouble (US)-- it's pretty, but i don't know, to me it just doesn't suit coldplay. i get kind of bored with it.

god put a smile upon your face-- as much as i love the performance part of the video, and as much as i love paddy consadine, i just find the whole concept a bit too far-out for me. i'm more of a fan of realism, really.

the hardest part-- there are no words for how WEIRD this is. i wish they just kept the performance half and didn't bother with the creepy dancers. spandex, glitter, thongs, and old people should never appear in a coldplay video again.


yeahhh, as you can tell, i like music videos :rolleyes:

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Lets see, Ill probably forget a few


1. Yellow- Great song, simple video, next question

2. Speed of Sound- brings the song to a whole new level

3. Fix You- Nice job with Chris following "lights home", and live clip at end, brilliant

4. Shiver- Classic Coldplay jam (Chris in Stones t-shirt:P)

5. The Scientist- Good, clean entertainment

6. In My Place- So simple yet so powerful

7. Trouble- Weird yet mesmerizing

8. Violet Hill- just plain funny:laugh3:

9. Talk- Coldplay in space

10. GPASUYF- Eh, its alright


Dont really like "Dont Panic" vid.

Still havent seen "Clocks" (long story)

"Hardest Part"...I just dont get it

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- The Scientist: I loooveee it, their best (at least for me)

- Clocks: It's really simple, but it has something that makes me want to watch it over and over again, besides Clocks is the song that made me love Coldplay , and this video helped a lot to make me love that song.

- Talk. Very funny and original

- GPASUYF. I like that weird history, and I love the scenes with performances of the band.

- Shiver. They look soooo young

- In my place. Simple video but cool, probably I liked it because it was when they hadn't had so many performing videos yet...

- Trouble (us). Interesting...

- Don't Panic. Cool animation.

- Violet Hill. Like it, but not so sure yet.

- Yellow. I put it this low because the video at first sight is so boring, and back in 2001 when that video was played on TV, I always changed the channel (and never put attention to the song), until finally one day I couldn't find the remote and finally paid attention to it… and eventually I loved so much the song that I ended loving the video.

- Fix You. Chris walking and then a live performance… nothing awesome for me in that.

- Speed Of Sound. I liked it first, but everytime I saw it became more and more boring…

- Trouble (uk). The first time I saw it was cool but then I simply didn’t like the idea of see Chris tied.

- The Hardest Part. One of the worst videos I have seen in my whole live.

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1. Yellow - like chris says, there is just something special about this video.


2. The Scientist - It took Chris a month to learn how to sing it backwards to that it looked like he was singing it properly in the video which was reversed. He is a fucking genius!




I think I pretty much summed that up!



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Talk - geeky sense of humour. I love it !

Speed of sound - really really nice light effects

Violet hill - Great scenery, simple and very nice !

Trouble (UK) - in opposition to what Chris thinks, he DID come up with a good concept ! and plus, :wink3:

Yellow - very nice but still dont understand how rainy night is turning into daylight :lol:


and others... I'm not ranking The hardest part last though...

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1. Speed of Sound - it's beautiful :cheesy:

2. Don't Panic - I thought it fitted in well :nice:

3. Talk - cheesy phun :laugh3:

4. Shiver - they're all so young! :nice: and it really suits the song :wacky:

5. Trouble (UK version) - I don't know why everyone hates this, I think it's really good :/

6. GPASUYF - a story video!! :cheesy: and a good one too!!!

7. Violet Hill - one word: "interesting" :laugh3: but also good :)

8. Trouble (US version) - hey, it was pretty, and so were the boys (I'm silly :laugh3:)

9. Clocks - coo performance vid :D

10. Yellow - sweet :wacky:

11. The Scientist - backwards and slow, and had some nice parts :nice:

12. Bigger Stronger - it would have fitted better with Spies, and kinda doesn't make that much sense now, but it's still got some nifty bits

13. Fix You - the first part, lonely Chris walking down a street :wacky:... second part... boring

14. In My Place - just boring

15. The Hardest Part - this one just scares the crap out of me.

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1. The Scientist

2. Trouble (US)

3. Don't Panic

4. Talk

5. Fix You

6. Trouble (UK)

7. Yellow

8. Shiver

9. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face

10. Violet Hill

11. Speed Of Sound

12. The Hardest Part

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So from best to euh.. less good, my favourite Coldplay videos:


1. Trouble (US version)

2. Don't Panic

3. God Put a Smile upon Your Face

4. Talk

5. Violet Hill

6. The Scientist

7. Clocks

8. The Hardest Part

9. Yellow

10. Speed of Sound

11. In My Place

12. Shiver

13. Trouble (UK version)

14. Fix You

(15. Bigger Stronger)

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I don't think Chris would agree with you guys. Cue the quote:

At the band's official site, Coldplay.com, Chris Martin refers to "The Hardest Part" as a "terrible song, good video".



Chris changes his mind a lot and very quickly... right now he probably hates the video :P

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