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fix your hair just right

put your jeans on tight

... wear a dress so i can get it off real easy


cause i've been thinking i'd like to see your eyes

open up so wide, the minute that you see me


if you don't come through,

i wouldn't wait for you,

i understand that everyone goes disappearing...


cause i been up all night

... i might just sleep all day

get your dreams just right

... let em slip way....



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You must have been just fifteen when you made your mind up first

That you'd make it in the movies, and you couldn't lose the thirst.

And it took you to the attic where the agent King holds court,

And his courtesans are fully paid-up losers of a sort.

He looks at you and tells you that you just might get the part,

But you don't get things for nothing, and he doesn't want your heart.

And the circle turns and turns and turns and it's too bad, little girl.

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