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Did Coldplay openly post here way back when??


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yeah we still post here today


Careful, Jonny. If Jo and Angie find out you'll never escape!!:lol:


THose threads were at the bottom of the first page of the Coldplay Live section...reeeeeeally old, and with all the info deleted. (O.P, Date Posted etc.)

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Sorry guys, he did not.


Way back in 2003 there used to be a general Coldplay forum, then one forum for each band member.


Then one day they were all merged into the Coldplay forum we have today, obviously people moaned, so Jo gathered together all the individual threads and linked them together.


That thread you found used to have links to all the Chris threads on the forum.

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No they never posted here. I would track Jonny down by his IP address. :laugh3:And Will didn't post on the old Coldplay forum, he just wrote a tour journal. Now wayyyyyyyyyy back when, Phil used to hang around on the official forum and run the fan club. Phil = lurker :P Probably lurking around here now. HI PHIL :kiss:

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