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How do you use your cellphone? A poll(school project)


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hahaha you don't want to know how i use my cell phone



















inside joke



literally :wacko:

@Renny: for a sec i thought you created this thread :lol:

- - -


Janey, I did the survey anyway :wink:

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hahahahahaha omg! This thread is sooo meant for you Rolly:lol:



I know! i almost chocked when i read the title


i was already thinking "oh nooo..ren created another thread about these kind of things!" but then it was a false alarm :wacko:

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I'm pretty such the vibrator function isn't to be used as a replacement for a proper vibrator Rolly :P


For what she told me, in a million different ways :wacko:


Yesh yesh! you both should try it :wink: Although Ren already has some experience.. but hey, he can help the newbies to make it work :wacko:

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The only experience that i have is when i call you, you always want me to call you :bigcry:





























ps. you still want me to call you tonight? :uhoh:


Girls gotta do what girls gotta do and you're always ready to help me to uhm..relax my sore muscles!



You can always call me m'dear :gorgeous:

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