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The Parachutes/AROBTTH army


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I've been listening to VLV for 4 hours and even though I like it, I already consider that the first 2 albums are much superior so I'll make a stand, I'll go get my army jacket, my bayonet and I'll wait for all of you VLV dissidents here. Para/Rush of blood troops, let's rally here. I know VLV hasn't even been released yet so I'll give you guys time to enjoy the new tracks, but i predict that in a few weeks, most of you will join my party.

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hmmm... its fluctuating between VLV and Rush on which one is first. we'll see after a few weeks.

I think the VLV songs arent as immediate. and also it takes so much work for a band to come upwith such a different sound, and that just makes VLV a more incredible album. but then again, AROBTTH was the first album i became obsessed with .

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I find the new album kinda lacks melodically.


Yeah, i feel the same way. I listened to each new song 10+ times, they don't bore me, they don't annoy me (like several tracks on X&Y did) but they don't make shiver, or panic, I see no sparks haha

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