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Budget Airlines must love people like me ...


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I was thinking I was going on a Holiday at the end of this month, I was adament I got a email of my line manager to say I had it..


We spoke yesterday and he said he could not remember getting a email from me..and he has already rostered me in for the time I was supposed to take the break for. Beliving he was a airhead I left that brief discussion rather peed off.


I was determined to find the email and his reply I sent to him, I just found out I never booked that Holiday.


So far in the past 6 months, I have missed a flight back to Barcelona as I never checked the times correctly, and the paper with the flight deatils was in my hand the whole time.


Paid extra costs for re booking a flight back to Barcelona for a different day.


Booked a return flight that I never took ... and now I am facing another return trip that I am not going to take... !


I have lost out on around 300 €´s ahhhhh...

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When you book with Ryanair and you don't take the flight, you can get back the government taxes.


Government taxes are the only portion of taxes, fees and charges which are refundable. Government tax refunds are subject to an administration fee of just £15, which is half BA's admin fee of £30 and significantly lower than BMI's £25 or Easyjet's £17.50. If the refund amount due to the customer is less than the applicable refund administration charge then no refund will be made. Government tax refund requests must be made within one month from the booked travel date.
From Ryanair.com


Ok, so only minus 15 GBP but better than nothing!

Most people don't know that.

A friend just missed the one-month-request deadline...

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THIS TIME I WAS EXPECTING TO GET a flight back to Manchester for XMAS... turned up very early... Like a day too early...


All with a bit of drama, was waiting to check in without my printout as they can normally finds your details by your Passport/Photo ID. And they could not find it, all they could find was my return flight back to Barcelona.


I was so sure I had booked the flight, the Airport in Barcelona for some bizzare reason does not have any working internet for public use, as I felt I had a case to prove, in the end I got them to print out my return flight and got the check in clerk to write and stamp it that I was at the airport attempting to get on the plane so I could build a case for refund with something extra for all the incovience.


When I got home the first thing I did was check my flight and found out it was for tomorrow.


I feel like a right Idiot, I must have checked my booking like a 100 times, but missed the little detail of re checking the date of the flight...


I think I will have to apoligise even buy some chocalates for the check in staff tomorrow as they are bound to be the same people working there tomorrow !!

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NO i tried to go back to Manchester a day to early !!!


I reckon you're in dire need of a New Year's resolution to "get more organised".:dozey:


Anyway, my return flight has only cost about 27 Euros in total, and I just booked one for February for a total of 30!!:D

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You really don't have any luck with these things. :thinking:


Doesn't sound like luck has anything to do with it................................. :dozey:

Bad luck would be if your flight was cancelled or your car broke down on the way to the airport or something................................... ;)


I always print out my details immediately I've booked and attach them to my "magnet board".:smug:

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