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Anyone know where coldplay gets their jackets?


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Whoah whoah, you found Chris' X&Y tour jacket? I've got ones like it but not exactly it. Wherever did you find it? Online? In a shop?


The VLVODAAHF jackets are made by the band themselves (pretty much) but I'm sure they'll donate em to Oxfam after the tour ends. Until then there are cool shops in a place called Temple Bar in Dublin, Ireland that stocks clothes KINDA like their new outfits/uniforms/long underwear. I'm sure you can find clothes shops in other trendy areas in London, Paris...Devon, who knows:)

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Why do I now have a bad feeling about this Marek? Eglantine you're scaring me!! :cry:
Well he's not so active anymore so you don't need to have any bad feelings. ;) You probably missed the most of it. :p


Btw, you can call me Nina :P

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Hehe ... I hope you didn't dream about Mareks chasing you! :P


Well last night I had this dream and Marek was standing there in a hoodie with an axe and its really weird cos I think I see him now...........aaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


:insert dead smiley here:

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