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Flight Of The Conchords


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FIGWIT!!!! :nice:





It really is so weird seeing them get so much attention all of a sudden. I have a live copy of that 'humans are dead' song from 5 or 6 years ago. Used to think it was the most hilarious thing ever, but every time I would get someone to listen to it, they would just give me a funny look and shrug.


Now all of a sudden, 5 years later, all sorts of people are randomly quoting that exact song. (Well, some of the words are slightly different now, but still...).

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greatest programme/music around :D


murray is my fav. character


y'know the episode when they are on tour? thats the best


"im so angry i fel like swearing!"


"oh murray u wouldnt swear at us"


"go f*ck yourself brett!"




lol... what a great show. all the characters are great.

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Yeah Season 2 Should be awesome, apparently at the moment they are working on new songs.


I watched a doco called 'FOTC: A Texan Oddyssey" (its on the torrent sites) when they were raw as, (aka b4 the tv series).


Was really interesting how small and wierd they once were!


And how bret's sideburns were once bigger than Jemaine's!!


Oh yeah- and also I agree that Murray swearing is the number 1 funnest moment of the WHOLE series.

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Anyone else have their fave songs from Season 2?


I really like hurt feelings, and carol brown.


Disappointed with the last 2 eps!!!! MAJOR letdowns


And the Prime Minister of NZ is not like that


I love "Sugalumps" and "We're both in love with a sexy lady"


I like all the songs in one way or another :D

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Yeah, they were never going to be as good as S1 but they are all hilarious in their own way!

Also like the idea that people can download the songs off itunes after the show!


See I disagree, I like the format of the S2 songs better


in Season 1, they had to try and fit episodes around the songs, whereas in season 2 they based the songs on the episodes, it's a much healthier way of doing things

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