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Are Coldplay hinting at 42 for a single?


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not sure if anyone else has written this so i apologize in advanced if they have....but i can't help but notice the guys are playing 42 along with other singles such as clocks...and In My Place, very noticebale from the today show.

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It isn't going to be - the album's little sticker that says "includes singles blah blah blah" said Violet Hill, Viva La Vida, Lost! and Lovers in Japan. You can hold out hope that it might be a country exclusive or something, like What If...

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Try to eliminate song by song and you'll get the possible track that could be a single


I think Life In Technicolor will never be a single. So... :sneaky:


Life In Technicolor

Cemeteries In London



Lovers In Japan

Reign Of Love


Chinese Sleep Chant

Strawberry Swing

Death And All His Friends

The Escapist

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42 meaning?


Now that "42" has come up, does anyone know if "42" is a reference to "Hitch Hiker's Guide to The Galaxy" (the meaning of life)?


I remember once reading also that a lot of the imagery used in the X & Y 2005 tour was very reminiscent of Doctor Who's opening titles?


Who's the sci-fi fan in the band, Chris?

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