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Dear good people, "42" could be a "heads-up" to one of Coldplay's alleged greatest influences-U2. U2 recorded a song titled "40" for their third studio album, titled "War". "40" alluded to the psalms and contained pieces of it. The song was of longing and desperation, and simply not measuring up. By the way, Moses and those who went on the Exodus spent 40 years in the wilderness. Refer to the Book of Exodus in the Bible, if your heart so desires.

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Yeah, Chris already said that ever truly great band needs a song title that's a number and that it was a shout-out to u2's 40. In turn, 40 is a very common number in the old testament although U2 titled that song "40", because the first verse comes from psalm 40...and the moses comment isn't a particularly profound coincidence.

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