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I want to make friends!!!


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Well, I've been aware of this site for years and years but I'm only now just signing up. I've been a fan of the band for ages and I've seen them live several times. I don't have any friends that are as devoted as I am to the boys so I never have anyone to gush to when something Coldplay-related happens.


My favorite songs are probably Shiver, Sparks, Parachutes, The Scientist, Politik, A Message, and from the new album, I really like Yes! Other favorite artists include: Damien Rice, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, The Kills, Ely Guerra, Martha Wainwright, Rufus Wainwright, the Shins, Vampire Weekend, and the Yeay Yeah Yeahs.


I live in Texas where I'm currently going to uni and studying as an English major. I have a dog named Archie and a cat named Caesar both of whom I love to death. I have a vintage Jaguar Schwinn cruiser that I ride everywhere.


I don't know what else to say except...



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Hello Brenda!!! I'm glad you came out of hiding!:curtain: you definitely have excellent taste in music and musicians! Sounds like you're majoring in music history as well a bit there!;) Bob Dylan and Janis Joplin are phenomenal - iconic rock and folk heroes.. And Coldplay certainly does have a following! Keep tapping into the site here, and glad to see you come out of the shadows!:daisy:

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Awww such a warm welcome from you guys!


I'm definitely glad to be here and, yeah, I wouldn't be here if I didn't love music. Oh my gosh! I totally didn't mention that I'm a huge Radiohead fan. It's one of those things you just kind of blank out on when they're really obvious. I saw them both times when they were here in Texas back in May and I'm planning on going to a festival in San Francisco next month to see them again! Live music is a great experience. =D

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Welcome Brenda (an also you Luis) to Coldplaying! :D Hopefully you enjoy your time here as it really is a fantastic place for fans to meet and greet etc.


You seem to have a great musical sense there Brenda, and a lot of the other artists you've listed will see you fit in quite well, though as a CP fan, you would've already done that :cool:

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Hey Brenda!!


Welcome to the site, and I hope you have a great time here! :)


How's Mexico and Texas by the way? I have a great friend in Texas that I've been meaning to visit for a few years now, and he's definitely going to be taking me to lots of gigs.



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