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The riddle of COL?

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I read somewhere (perhaps in this forum) that there's something akin to a riddle in this song. I recall reading several posts where people were saying that once you get the riddle to this song, a buzzer goes off in your mind and you have an "aha" moment. I'm wondering if this is a commonly held view? I've been trying to parse the lyrics to have my epiphany, but I haven't had a decisive moment with it. I have a hint of what it might be, but if I go too far with my analysis, I'm afraid it might ruin the moment of discovery for someone else.


If you're one of those who've "gotten it", please PM me and we'll compare notes. I'm trying to be careful not to spoil it for someone else if I've truly gotten it. I just didn't have the undeniable "I get it" realization that I'd read about from a few others.


Finally, I'm still uncertain of the actual lyric which has commonly been reported as:


"We’d go underneath the arches where the witches are in the saying,"


What I don't hear is "in the saying"... I'm thinking it might be something else because I don't hear the annunciation I'd expect out of Chris for "saying". The accuracy of that lyric doesn't change my analysis of what I think the riddle is, but I'm curious as to what was intended.

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I don't suppose it could be ...witches are in the Seine...?


I know the Seine River is not in England, but if the story of this song includes the "ghost towns in the ocean" it's only another hop over into France.


Maybe not. But I agree that it doesn't sound exactly like "witches in the saying".


I can't tie this song together for the life of me.


First there is the people who "go walking". Who are they?


Then there are witches and ghosts.


Then God comes into the picture.


I don't get it. But this song has become my favorite Coldplay song.

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not sure how relevant this still is...or if it is correct as far as the riddle


but i believe the band said something to the point of this song being about the fact that witches were burned and then thrown in the ocean......this hidden idea here is that the ghost towns are made up of the executed witches...now i could be totally off the mark with what u were aimin at...but this was on my mind....soooooo there it 'tis

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