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A random poll for the gentlemen of the board

Black Rose

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It's the semi-return of David's random polls.


The question is simple for the gentlemen, In general do you have a 'wet' shave or 'dry' shave, or both, or maybe no shave?



(In general, a dry shave is done using an electic/battery shaver and a wet shave is done using a razor with some sort of stuff on your face (shaving foam/gel) over a hand-skin full of water)

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Top Posters In This Topic

I pretty much have to shave wet or I get cut up because I buy cheap blades. I want to get one of those really nice razors that guys used in barber shops 60 years ago, because I hear they give you a close shave and you can sharpen them to get a lot of use out of it. It'll be my way of sticking it to "the man" (who in this case is Gillette).


Sometimes I'll go for a few days without shaving and then just shave off my mustache. I've been doing that alot lately since it's summer and I'm lazy.

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usually go with this look( the facial hair , not the rest:rolleyes:) , but when it starts to get out of hand , I go with a wet shave with an old school single blade razor , can't do it dry , far too many cuts and razor burn , shaving just seems to be something I will never master...

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